Wednesday, August 19, 2015

GF Chinese Food Recs for A Night Out or A Night In

Chinese food has always been my delicious downfall, and finding great gluten-free options is my epic food quest. But fear not, my precious penguins, because I have stumbled upon some amazing GF chinese food, and I'm hear to share my discoveries with you.

I present to you, two easy and different but both delectable ways to enjoy GF chinese food. Cheers!

For a Night in Make: 

Ivy's nails their sweet and sour chicken. It's relatively easy to make (I used the oven and skillet option) and it tastes fantastic. I wish it came with quick cook rice, but I have no problem making that on my own. Restaurant quality without having to put on pants. 4 1/2 stars. I hope they come out with a General Taos next!

(Picture from the Ivy's website. I didn't have time to take my own before I ate it...)

And for Dessert: 

One of my coworkers brought this cake in for my and another co-workers, birthday, and when I bit into this cake, tears of joy filled my widened eyes. This cake does not only taste gluten-free, but it tastes better than your normal non-gluten free cake. I really can't think of the right words to describe how magical eating this cake is. It'd be like if a unicorn married a golden statue of Brad Pitt floating on rainbow colored clouds. 

(Picture courtesy of me, ignore the bite missing from the corner of the cake)

For a Night Out Eat:

I've always loved PF Changs (even before I knew I had celiacs) so you can imagine how thrilled I've been to discover their gluten-free menu. I ordered the Spicy Chicken AT AN AIRPORT and it was FANTASTIC. Yes, airport food blew me away. I never thought I'd admit that, but there you go. I shouldn't have been surprised, as PF Changs has always been great, but this meal was so delicious that after one bite I called the waiter back over to verify it was gluten-free.  Honestly, it wasn't until I'd gone 48 hours without celiac symptoms that I truly believed it was GF! I can't wait to get this one again. As soon as they make their Sesame Chicken GF I probably won't need to eat anywhere else!

(Picture from the PF Changs website. Another instance of eating my food too fast and forgetting the picture.) 

And End the Night with:

(picture links to amazon for your culinary convenience) 

I think these may have been the first gluten-free brownies I made years ago, and I haven't found any brand that tops them. No one has ever been able to tell the difference between the gluten-free and gluten-full, and its my go-to when I bring a dessert to parties. They are simple to make, so yummy, and easily adaptable if you want to put your own twist on the dessert (think walnuts, caramel, etc). Should definitely be a pantry staple for all GF girls and boys with a sweet tooth. 

That's all for now. Feel free to comment with your favorite GF chinese foods and desserts. And in the meantime, I hope you have at the ready a pair of loose pants and a big appetite. Bon appetite!