Wednesday, January 8, 2014

24 hour Juice Cleanse Results!

I started my juice cleanse last night, with my last light meal being at 2:30 pm and my first juice at 8pm. I went to bed a little hungry but feeling good, and woke up this morning absolutely starving. A juice and a half later, and I actually felt pretty full. And pretty darn good. I’m not much of a water drinker, so making myself drink water has given my body a nice hydrated feel, unlike my usual soda slog. Speaking of which…

The only thing that is bothering me right now is not having caffeine. I know I’m a full blown caffeine addict, my throbbing headache is a testament to that, and this is teaching me more about how much I need to break that habit. I mean, I can’t imagine how bad that shit is for you considering my body is raging against not having it.  Even after I’m done juicing, I’m definitely cutting down my caffeine!!!

I’ve tried a few different types of juices in my 24 hour cleanse, and I definitely have favorites. I made “mean greens” aka lots of kale, spinach, and cucumbers with granny apples to sweeten. The tomato heavy one I made was interesting…it was flavored with basil and was like drinking an Italian meal. I think I’d like that one better in small doses when I’m sick of the greens! I also made a mostly fruit drink—this one was my favorite. Grapes, blueberries, cucumber, and apples, yum! Although this wasn’t the most nutrient rich or healthy, it certainly satisfied my sweet tooth.

Overall, the cleanse was a cool experience but was severely dampened by my caffeine addiction. The one good thing about withdrawing from caffeine is that my headache was so bad I didn’t notice if I was hungry! I want to try the cleanse again when I’ve weaned myself off of caffeine more.

Making myself some tea (soda and I are in a fight right now) since its 7:15pm and the 24 hours are officially over. But since I have a lot of leftover fruits and vegetables, I’m not stopping yet! I’m going to continue on until the morning on my juice cleanse. I can tell my body is appreciating it, even through the caffeine withdrawal!

I think juicing is definitely something I'll continue. Maybe not long periods at a time, but as a way to continue to improve my nutrition. It was surprisingly easy and yummy!

Italian juice!

I'm using the Breville juicer pictured below (links to amazon if you want the same one!):