Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Taking a Juicing Journey

 This weekend I watched two great documentaries, one was "How to Die in Oregon" which I really can't recommend enough, and the other was the inspiring documentary called "Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead."

"How to Die in Oregon" really affected me as a nurse, but it was "Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead" that really got my juices going, pun intended! See, FS&ND is about an Australian man's journey for better health through juicing fresh fruits and vegetables. His body goes under an amazing transformation and, more importantly, he drastically changes the landscape of his personal health (including becoming medication free!).

Usually I'm not a fan of things I think fall into the "fad diet" category. But I really do strive to improve my health (I run a gluten-free blog, for goodness sakes!), and every once in a while I like to try new things to jump start my body.

Some things have stuck with me that I've tried, like meditating, yoga, massage therapy, running ,and eating gluten-free. All these things have had a great, positive impact on my health.

Some things I've tried were duds. I won't name names (I'm looking at you, tapeworms!...just kidding!), but I'm terribly suspicious of anything that makes big promises or quick fixes.

But there is a lot of interesting science behind the effectiveness of juicing and how the nutrients can effectively flood your body. And I don't know about you, but I'm feeling very bogged down from all the holiday food. My belly needs a break.

So I'm basically trying juicing for fun. I've dedicated myself to a 24 hour juice cleanse (which started at 3pm today!). I'm actually really excited because I'm a fan of juice in general, but I'm also NOT excited about not having caffeine. But I think it's worth trying...who knows, it might be my next yoga!

Cheers to you!

I'm using the Breville juicer pictured below (links to amazon if you want the same one!):